We are the OFFICIAL online e-store selling Omega Alpha Products for Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals. The online store is operated independently of the manufacturer, Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals.

We mostly sell to the Continental USA and Canada but we can arrange to ship orders to International destinations. You just need to contact us and we can give you a quote on your order.

We do not sell to the Public from our main office. We are strictly a manufacturing location.

We just mail orders to customers.

We do not usually accept phone-in orders. We strongly prefer that you use the internet online store to place your order for quicker service and efficiency.

All credit card transactions are processed by Moneris which is a partnership between BMO and The Royal Bank. OmegaAlphaStore does not store nor have access to your credit card numbers.

Your credit card may be declined for a number of reasons.

  1. The credit card number, expiry date, 3 digit cvd code and/or billing address may have been entered wrong. In this case, carefully re-enter your credit card details.
  2. The credit card user is not authorized for online purchases. In this case call your credit card company.
  3. The credit card limit has been exceeded. In this case, call your credit card company.
  4. The wrong type of credit card is used. We only accept VISA or Mastercard.

If you accept the quote emailed to you then you need to send your credit card #, expiry date and 3-digit CVD# on the back of your card to us for payment amount to be applied to your card. OmegaAlphaStore does not store your credit card information nor charge anything without your permission.

No, we cannot because orders are shipped by Canada Post and the postal service do not call their customers prior to delivery nor do they deliver by appointment.